Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Whats in a Name

Whats in a Name?
In my daily tour through the blogs I visit. I was visiting 4tunate that's right quads. She gets the same question we always get and actually I was asked this weekend at work. How did you come up with their names? Well R wanted a junior??? I did like the idea of using family names though. So R said what about John Thomas it was his great grandfathers name. Well my dads name is also John so it was perfect (I love you Dad!) and R's middle name is Thomas too. So daddy is RT and little man is JT! Then I have always loved the name Claire which was my great grandmothers name and R liked it too. We knew if their was one girl in the bunch she was to be named after R's mom in some way. She was a special woman we lost 4 years ago. So her name is Claire Alice. Alice was also my great granmothers name on my grandfathers side. R and I thought for the longest time (okay 14weeks) that it was two boys and a girl and had picked out another boys name, but they told us it was two girls and a boy. So hmmm started going down the list of other females in both sides of the family and came across Hazel. There are several on both sides. So it was set and she has my moms middle name Hazel Lynn. So both grandmas got the middle names! That's how we named our little miracles.
John Thomas (JT)
Claire Alice
Hazel Lynn


Anonymous said...

To PawPaw they are Little John, Claire Bear and Peanut. and I am proud of their parents.

The Murray Crew said...

Such Sweet Names, Distinguished too - thanks for sharing their orgins with us! =)