Saturday, September 22, 2007


Last Sunday was Ron's Speaker Appreciation Party. It was out on a Ranch in Plantersville. We had a great time visitng with Rodeo friends we haven't seen in awhile.
Daddy and JT
Lani and Hazel
Mommy and Claire
This morning Mommy got up bright and early to go and sell some of our baby stuff at the Moms of multiples buy and sell. So the babies stayed home with Daddy and then when Mommy got home we all played. We are learning how to get on and off of our riding toys and Mommy and Daddy had a few laughs watching us!



JT riding his car

Claire riding her car

Hazel was very determined to learn how to get on this tractor. Her feet barely touch the groud but she has learned how to lean over and get it to go with one foot.

John Thomas was tired he was resting!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today we went and watched my niece play soccer. She did great scored 2 goals GO KAYLEIGH!

Kayleigh the goalie!

The babies wanted to tell cous cous good game!

I still can't believe she is 5. Kayleigh I am so proud of you and what a great little girl you are. WE LOVE YOU. Lil sis Hannah sat with us on the sidelines she is such a great cheerleader for her sister. I wanted her in this picture but she was telling K's teammates what a good job they did (Shes 3)!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Can you tell who doesn't belong?? Cannon was over for a playdate. At one point the boys were at one end of the gate and the girls were at the other. It was a standoff! We Love playdates with Cannon.
Family Reunion
We had the Monroe family reunion in Corsicana last weekend. We had a great time even though it was a short trip. Here are just a couple of pics. It was nice to see everyone.

Uncle Darrell what is in your mouth?
Claire LOVES jewelry! She especially loved Aunt Rita's earring
You know you had a hard day at school when?? You fall asleep eating dinner. She even had a fruit loop still in her hand. Poor baby it's hard to play with friends at school! Ron said she is going to hate me for this picture later!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Our little herd

Our Little Herd
When Ron and I were thinking about our birth announcements a year ago (which we never sent out!) and it was close to Halloween by the time we took our first set of photos. We found the cutest cow costumes and thought our little herd! Last year they were so small they only fit in the hats and if you saw thos pictures we had a VERY angry bull. Well this year they fit in the whole costume but there was still a somewhat angry bull. I must say this is the cutest little herd I've ever seen but I may be partial :). Just in case you can't tell Hazel is in the front J.T. is on the hay, and Claire is standing. J.T. was so happy that the apples were real this time and he FINALLY got to eat one. Can you believe 13 months TODAY!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Busy Week

Busy Week
Okay we want to start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who helped out last week.

Stroller ride with Gammy and Gramps

Claire Playing

Fun time in the fun zone!

Hazel with piggy tails.

John Thomas


Then on Saturday we decided to go to the Wood's Pool Party. They just got their new pool ready and the trips wanted to try it out! This was post swim dinner.

The biggest news of the weekend was that we moved the babies to their toddler beds. The main reason for this was that our little man thought his mattress was a trampoline and about went head first over his crib. So to a lower bed he goes. It was cute to watch them all play together in each others bed and giggle. See below.

They did fall asleep and no I didn't wake them up by taking this picture they didn't even move. Yes their is still a crib in their room we are using it as we work with them in their beds. Some may think they are to young but not even the crib tent was keep our wild monkey in his bed!