Friday, September 7, 2007

Our little herd

Our Little Herd
When Ron and I were thinking about our birth announcements a year ago (which we never sent out!) and it was close to Halloween by the time we took our first set of photos. We found the cutest cow costumes and thought our little herd! Last year they were so small they only fit in the hats and if you saw thos pictures we had a VERY angry bull. Well this year they fit in the whole costume but there was still a somewhat angry bull. I must say this is the cutest little herd I've ever seen but I may be partial :). Just in case you can't tell Hazel is in the front J.T. is on the hay, and Claire is standing. J.T. was so happy that the apples were real this time and he FINALLY got to eat one. Can you believe 13 months TODAY!!!

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The Brown Bunch said...

Did they know that they were supposed to smile? They are sooooo very cute. I can't wait to see our pictures. Thank you very much for being there. We love you!!!