Thursday, November 5, 2009

Been Awhile!
We turned 3 in August and had a party at our neighborhood splash park!

All blowing out their candles




Mickey and friends!

My oldest and dearest friend Amy offered to take the triplets 3year birthday pictures. She did an amazing job and has started a photography business.

The kids have been busy with activities!
JT is playing Soccer and Tball and LOVING it!

his Bap!!(JT language!)
JT's support!
The girls are taking dance and cheer

We have been sick for the past 8 weeks so we had to get pictures when we could! We were able to go to the Pumpkin Patch by our house the Saturday before Halloween!
JT can smell a tractor a 100 miles away!

The pumpkin patch we went to branded the kids pumpkins for them. They really enjoyed watching it and alot less mess than carving!!!
We attempted to trick or treat but Hazel wasn't feeling well. We did make it to a few places.
Our three little bears
Hazel Bear

Claire Bear
JT Bear
The bear with their cousins!
Sorry its been so long since we updated! Hopefully we can update more ofter!