Wednesday, June 4, 2008


House of Joy!
This household had been very busy lately. Memorial Day weekend we enjoyed the long weekend at our family beach house with some friends. Then on Sunday we celebrated at my parents house with some toddler 4 wheeler riding. This was also when we were introduced to our newest family member Mumbo. She is a black and white boxer who is only 8 weeks old. The trips weren't sure about her since she has some sharp paws and wants to jump on them. She also wants to play!!! JT and Claire loved riding in the 4 wheelers but Hazel was not impressed!!!

Hazel and her cousin. Hazel please wait till the car comes to a complete stop!

JT, K, Claire, and H were having a blast. I could hardly get them to stop for this pic!!!

Here's MUMBO!!!

Claire and Mumbo

Mumbo trying to play with JT

The cousins recently had their annual dance recital. Both girls love to dance and we are excited that Hazel and Claire will be joining them next year. They will start Creative Dance in August. Here is JT with H after the recital at dinner.

K and HazelK and Claire
We have had more changes in the house too. Last weekend Hazel learned how to unzip her crib tent. So we decided it was time to move them out of their cribs. So we moved all of their dressers to one side of the room by the daybed and put a gate across so that they couldn't get to them and harm themselves. Then we put their mattresses on the floor (tried their toddler beds and they aren't ready for them yet!). We are on night number 4 and it is going well. JT and Hazel have swithched beds but it really doesn't matter.
Many of you may not know but I have been looking for a new job recently. I needed something that would allow me to be off on weekends with daddy and the trips. It was a hard decision since I LOVE where I work and it was where the babies were born and they took EXCELLENT care of them. Anyway I had an interview yesterday that took about 3 hours and by yesterday afternoon I had been offered the job. It has been a long process but we knew that the Lord would provide the perfect job and we believe he did. I will miss TWH but know this is the best move for my family. I begin my new job on Monday June 16th :)
We have also been a sick household since this past weekend. The trips have bronchitis and I found out today I have strep throat and daddy is on his was to the dr now. So we didn't get to celebrate to much last night but promised we would as soon as we felt better.
Okay I know this is an old picture but I couldn't figure out how to delete it???