Monday, August 27, 2007

School Report!
Their tattle sheets were good reports. There was some talk of a little boy throwing a fit over seeing another child having a bottle! To every ones surprise Claire didn't come home with her bow in her hair, but hey she did still have her ponytail so that is an improvement! We went to bed early tonight since they were rubbing their eyes and only had one nap. Wednesday is our next day at school so stay tuned.
Our First Day of School

John Thomas

Claire AliceHazel Lynn

Mimi came and helped Mommy drop the three little angels off at Mother's Day Out. No one shed any tears not even Mommy! Their was another little girl crying and our three looked at her as if to say don't you see all the new toys!! We will let you know how the day went when we get home!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Okay so I have changed the requirements for leaving a comment. I have some people having problems so you are now able to leave an anonymous comment. Which means you don't have to sign with an account you can just leave a comment. This should make it easier! Hope it helps.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Fun Filled Weekend!
The Triplets attended their friend Canon's first birthday party Saturday evening.
Happy Birthday Canon and welcome to the 1 club!
Canon and his cake Canon, Hazel, & JT in Canon's fun zone
Playing at the party
Then this morning we went to Babies R Us to go look for the triplets a new ride. We have sold the front to back triplet strollers because they don't like them. It is hard to push three one year olds when they are swaying from side to side to see! So here they are. Now everyone can see all the time.

A funny thing happened while we were shopping for strollers. This lady came up to us that works in the Kiddie Kandids photo studio at Babies R Us and said she needed to take one more photo sessions of toddlers to get her certification. Would we mind if she took some of our gang and we would get a free 8x10. So we said sure! Here is the link to the photos. No they are not real apples but the babies didn't believe us :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Year Pedi Appointment!!!
Okay let me start by saying I was a bad mommy this weekend and didn't take any pictures in Corsicana :(. Aunt P took all the pictures and she is on vacation in Tenn. for a week. So we will wait. The party was great and I was having fun watching the babies play with all the family and freinds that came!
Okay for the Dr. visit. All are doing well for their age and no more signs of them being preemies. We are only slightly mad since we got two shots, but Aunt Shell was right their with fruit snacks to make us happy again.
JT 21lbs 14.5oz 28in (2 inches taller than his sisters)
Claire 20lbs 13oz 26in
Hazel 19lb 15oz 26in
We go back at 18months!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

August 7 2007

Our First Birthday!

One year ago we were blessed with three little miracles. At 1856, 1858, & 1859pm and 4, 6, and 8 weeks later we were a full family of 5 at home. People wonder how we do it! I am fortunate to have one of the best and most loving husbands around. We also have wonderful family and friends that have helped and we couldn't have done it without them. As we looked back on the past year of our children's lives we feel truly blessed and are only excited about their future.

They had a great Day, we went to the Woodlands Mall and met up the the Brown girls and shopped and had lunch. The girls got a Minnie Mouse and JT got a Mickey. Then home to wait for Daddy and off to Chucky Cheese with Aunt Shelley and the cousins! They had a wonderful time as you will see in the pictures below. They sang Happy Birthday, got a visit from Chucky, and even ate (attacked) some Ice Cream.

JT, Hannah, Claire, Kayleigh, & Hazel
The Birthday King and Queens!
JT has an addiction it's Ice Cream
He is VERY possessive of his Ice Cream
The girls driving their first car
JT wanted to drive alone!

I don't think the girls liked JT's Driving?

So here are the updates on the babies.

JT - Can take a step or two then falls. He can stand alone forever! He is still Mommies cuddle bug. He loves Cheerios and jumping in his bed! He truly is our little Monkey.

Claire - Is the bravest and can take a step as long as she doesn't try to let her tummy go first! She loves to make you smile using her snorty nose face! She would rather have fruit snacks but isn't really picky. She thinks Bubba is funny and imitates his jumping in bed or just laughs at him. She is very much a Daddy's girl just ask her! She can shake her head no and even understands no in German!

Hazel - Has taken the most steps and if she didn't get scared after two in a row she would be off and running!!!! She is our independent child and does things on her own. She loves to squeal at the top of her lungs (such a nice way to wake up :) ) She kicks her legs when she gets excited and too loves to snuggle but mainly with Daddy. She too can shake her head no and also understands it in German.

We are all using sippy cups and have gone to whole milk.

We want to thank each and everyone of you that have shared in the lives of our children. Your love and support have helped us make it through. We look forward to the days to come.

Stay tuned new weights next week.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Invasion of Gammy & Gamps

The trips loved Gammy and Gamps piano stool. It spinned!

Hazel and JT figuring out how much fun Claire is

having going round and round the stool.

(Gamps held it so it wouldn't slide)

Gammy & Claire

Gamps & JT

Gammy & Gamps invited us over for dinner and to play in the pool. They missed the party so we had a small one at their house. JT fell in love with their waterfall in the pool. We had a great time. THANKS Gammy & Gamps!