Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's been awhile
Sorry its been so long since an update on our crew. We have been a little busy!! In March we took the triplets to WDW and had a FANTASTIC time. We drove in my parents Moty home as the triplets called and they enjoyed the freedom and staying at the RV parks. The LOVED all the characters they met and going on all the rides. We were a little afraid of the fireworks and the scary characters but just told them to go away and all was well again. JT's favorite part was the monorail. He got excited everytime we got on it. Claire LOVED the princesses and eating breackfast with all of them. Hazel DID not like having her picture taken most of the time but she loved Turtle Talk with Crush (DUDE!!!). Here are some of our favorite pics!

The whole family

Our first meeting with Mickey and Minnie!

Jungle Mickey at Animal Kingdom!

We can't wait to go back!!!!
We have the girls very first dance recital on the 17th and the girls were excited to get their costumes last week. Although Hazel says she doesn't want to wear the crown?????

Ron and I have both been busy at work and have alot of things on the schedule for the summer. Hopefully it won't be that long before I post again. Sorry you had to wait to long hope to do better. Maybe look for some next week as we are going to our first Baseball game on Friday!!!!