Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Year Pedi Appointment!!!
Okay let me start by saying I was a bad mommy this weekend and didn't take any pictures in Corsicana :(. Aunt P took all the pictures and she is on vacation in Tenn. for a week. So we will wait. The party was great and I was having fun watching the babies play with all the family and freinds that came!
Okay for the Dr. visit. All are doing well for their age and no more signs of them being preemies. We are only slightly mad since we got two shots, but Aunt Shell was right their with fruit snacks to make us happy again.
JT 21lbs 14.5oz 28in (2 inches taller than his sisters)
Claire 20lbs 13oz 26in
Hazel 19lb 15oz 26in
We go back at 18months!

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