Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Easter and Rodeo
Well I never really thought I would be celebrating Easter the last weekend of Rodeo!
We took the triplets to the Rodeo twice. I took them with some other Moms of Multiples and we had a great time. JT finally had some boys to hang out with! Then they made their appearance at the Junior Market Steer Auction. They loved seeing all their Rodeo family and Grammy and Gamps hogging them!!! We had such a great time.
Their first trip to the Rodeo

Nope your not seeing things JT is wearing chaps!
Hazel and Claire roaming in their boots. Gamps and JT
Gammy and the girls
This is how your get a picture of three 19 month olds!
Or atleast how WE are able too.
We celebrated a little early. We had our family Easter on Good Friday since mommy had to work all weekend. We had dinner and an egg hunt at their Great Grandparents house.
Egg hunt

JT didn't like the grass so he wouldn't hunt!
Hazel had fun hunting eggs Claire did too!
Group picture
If you notice Claire is stealing eggs out of H's basket!
K and H are the best cousins helping the triplets hunt and giving them eggs.

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Anonymous said...

They are growing too fast. I wish I got to see them more(and of course you too). We miss you. love, Amy