Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So the babies are doing well with daycare. They seem to enjoy playing with their new friends and daddy and I really like their teachers. They are learning alot. We had Hazels speech evaluated. She is a little behind with all of her hearing issues but nothing her new therapist thinks can't be changed. Ohh THANK YOU Amy for the referral! She will be going to Speech Therapy once a week for awhile to get her caught up. You know that has to bother her that she gets one on one time!
Okay so new weights.
JT 24lbs 9oz
Claire 24lbs 1oz
Hazel 22lbs 6oz
Stay tuned a new survey coming to the blog!!!
I have added some blogs I visit to the right hand side of the blog. The last one on the list is a family that the Mom has Cystic Fibrosis and is awaiting a double lung transplant and they have given birth to 24 week preemie. Please keep this family in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

No problem. I think you will love her. She did things with Evan that no one else could when he was smaller. Love ya!!!! Amy

The Brown Bunch said...

They grow so fast and everyday there is something new. Enjoy it! They look great! We love ya!