Monday, September 22, 2008

Two or so!

Drum Roll Please!
Well I know some of you are curious how we fared with IKE. Our side fence came down and decided to try and come into our house. So IKE came to visit. We also had some water damage in our living room and I'm sure there is some in the Dining room but since we are going on 10 days with NO POWER we can't vacuum up the glass to no for sure yet. We are staying at my mom and dads so its not bad. We are told we may not have power till Thursday. We are grateful to be safe and sound. The rest is temporary!
So here are the results:
JT 29lbs 150z
33.5 inches long (he is 1 1/2 inches taller than his sisters!)
He is all boy full of rough and tumble. He loves his sisters or loves to harass them I'm not sure which :). He loves to make you laugh and tickle you.
Claire 27lbs 5 oz
32 inches long
She is the little mother hen. She has to know where everyone is all the time. She is also the chatter box. She has the most words and is always singing. She is warming up in dance class but not sure we will make it??
Hazel 26lbs
32 inches long
Well little miss peanut. She has given us a scare but in the end she has a cyst on her Kidney that we will be following up with a Urologist about. Compared to what it was looking like we are so thankful. She loves to sing her ABC's and 123's. She is a very picky eater and has to stay on soy milk since she was breaking out to milk. She DOES NOT like dance class so we will give it a few more weeks and decided?
We have started potty training but nothing intense. Claire has gone a couple of times but nothing consistent. They even say potty to Hazel and she runs screaming! We are in no hurry!!!
We have also decided to separate JT and the girls. They are not sleeping well at night and on the weekends. They are playing and aggravating each other. Our plan was to work on their rooms but IKE crushed that plan. So Mimi and Pawpaw took them early so we could get the work done.
Pictures will follow when we get home and get power!!!


Dorinda said...

Glad you are all safe and sooo glad that Hazel is okay!! Great answer to prayer :)

The Brown Bunch said...

YEAH!!!! I am so glad to see them grow and let us watch and experience this time with you. It is great about Haz!!!!!

Love ya,
The Brown Bunch

MaryBeth said...

So glad the hear that Hazel is okay!! I hope that getting back to normal will happen for you all soon. I can't imagine living somewhere else, even nearby here, while being without power.... must be rough.