Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birthday Party

Birthday Party
It was a Ducky Luau party meant to be at the park but due to rain it was at our house with 26kids and 25 adults!!! We had a great time.
The cake table

The cake by C.N. THANK YOU!

Umm guys why is everyone singing to us?

I'm not sure but they seem happy!
JT digs in

Claire tastes her ducky

Haz doesn't want to get messy

umm more please I'm not blue enough!

Okay for those who don't know our Pawpaw works in Alaska. He gave us these very special books from Alaska for our birthday. We have the best Pawpaw EVER- The Triplets!
Mimi and Pawpaw got the trips tricycles for their birthday and Mommy and Daddy got them helmets (safety first!!). So we took them to Mimi and Pawpaw's house on Sunday for their first test drive. Somehow these tricycles have horns????

Claire honking her horn

You talking to me? Her shirt says little miss giggles!
JT driving!
Yeah I'm two! His shirt says Mr. Mischief my middle name is trouble?
Hazel her shirt says little miss Sunshine (does it fit?)

We THANK all of you for coming to their party and those that couldn't that were thinking of them on their day. The lord has blessed us in so many ways over the past two years.
The trips promoted Sunday to the two year old class and will promote Monday at school!!

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Anonymous said...

Pawpaw's babbies are growing toooooo fast. Glad they had a happy day. Just wait till they turn 16 and start to drive