Monday, October 1, 2007

Stair Climbers
The babies have learned (or been allowed) to climb the stairs. This is great for mommy and daddy b/c caring three babies over 20lbs up and down the stairs gets to be a little much! The only problem is once they get to the top and were alone they go three different directions! Think of herding cattle!!! We love it.
Daddy's there to make sure were safe

Here we come!

Corn on the Cob!

Our cousin from Germany was in town and Mimi decided to cook him a Texas style dinner. One of his favorites is corn on the cob!! Mimi thought we should see how the babies liked it! So here you go. Hazel was not interested in dinner she had filled up on appitizers!

Claire liked to knaw on the end and lick the butter off ot her corn!

JT wasn't sure at first but then........

He went to town and almost ate the whole thing!

We enjoyed letting the triplets meeting their cousin from Germany we are sorry that his wife and daughter were not able to join him, but hope to introduce them hopefully this summer.

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The Brown Bunch said...

Way To Go Crew! That sounds like a lot of fun. Continue to love and and remember to have fun~!!!

Love ya,
The Brown Bunch